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Family Math Night

Pi Day

Olympics lessons

Literature Connections

Training the Trainer

Plan for 20 participants per grade level for TTT


6-12 Day 1

Welcome, agenda, etc.
  • Who is in charge of this? Will someone from SDE do this?
  • Will this group be 6-12, grade bands, or grade levels?
  • Do the presenters make their own posters, or will the SD provide them?

Math Journaling
  • How will we be split up for this? (6-12, grade bands, or grade levels)
  • Slide one says 2007. Should it say 2008?
  • Activity B - do the presenters need to make the number tags? Are materials provided?

Year One Presenter's Guide Updates and Overview
  • Is someone from SDE presenting steps 1-15?

Module Information

Math Journaling

GAP Kids

Curriculum Implementation Guides